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Your violin is your instrument, but you are the one who plays the music. Which skills do you need to achieve that and how to reach further than purely the craft or ability of playing an instrument? 

How does a violinist become a musician? 

Which musical story would you like to tell?

After years of experience, first as a pupil myself and now as a musician and teacher, I am convinced that every violinist, whatever level, can make more of their playing. Of course, working on a solid technique will remain important since it enables you to musically carry out exactly what you have in mind.  

And then it's time to develop your very own style, your personal voice.

Together we will look into what inspires you in music and what you need to be able to be authentic on stage. 

What I offer:


     audition preparation:

     preparing required repertoire,  mental training,

     development of individual musicianship and sound

     "refreshing" lesson

     building up repertoire

     chamber music coaching

     all levels, amateurs and professional

adults: 60 minutes, € 55,00 ex. 21% BTW

children and young adults until 21 years: on mutual agreement 30 / 45 / 60 minutes € 25,00 / € 37,50 / € 50,00

(this is including BTW under the age of 21)

Coaching of chamber music ensembles, flexible fee

Please send me an e- mail and I will usually reply within 24 hours.


Looking forward to meeting you!    Laura

As a double bass player I was looking for some fresh and different ears to listen to my playing.

I worked with Laura a couple of times to prepare an audition and I was really happy with the outcome.

She encouraged the continuous search for my inner voice and made me realize once again that one should also seek inspiration beyond the common bubble of certain traditions or schools of playing. Laura reminded me to keep looking around and within for inspiration, internalize the idea and bring it to one’s audience so they can understand what the musician is attempting to say.

 - Jorge Hernadez Hernandez,

   double bass player

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